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HISTORY has many versions, depending on who writes it:

HISTORY has many versions, depending on who writes it:

The dark age of Europe, while in other territories advanced civilizations where in golden age.

The nordic culture was perceived as “barbarians and savages” while we know it is a culture with profound understanding of nature, life, culture, family and heritage, also cared for the expansion of the core knowledge necessary to seed civilizations all around the world, which is what they did.

The “savages of russia”, also another false claim, while in every country or nation, culture, power based eras took place, in russia as well an ancient culture which is very profound in spiritual values existed, long time before the era of the zars.

The Slavs, for example, where not slaves, they hold another centre of knowledge and wisdom, nature and family, life oriented, which was attacked and also destroyed.

Was there an ancient civilization, older than china and vedas? apparently there was.

Important is to realize that there are also modern civilizations that have no sensitivity for culture as they had no one, but politics and science, as they themselves were invaders of other lands after being chased away from europe, for example.

How could a civilization with out history try to guide a world which is ancient, which so much values and developments, matturity in their own paths?

Nowdays when we experience war and see a country without past destroying cultures and locations for wealth convenience, then we ask ourselves, where are the cultures of the world, the wisdom of the world, to send its representatives for them to care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage… when a civilization without past intent to make out of a world full of knowledge and wisdom, cultures, one as empty and unresponsible as its own.?

IN every culture events like those takes place, but what i am observing, as for my research is the tendency of human to hide their trash under the matt; by erasing cultures, the memories of them, through propaganda, marketing campaigns, and enforcement of believes.

For example by forbidden any cultural costume, local language, and spiritual practice, arts or even sexual and family costumes.

The main intention has been obviously to destroy the traces of the cultures, but also the memories of their existence to later delete them from history records.

This has taken place many times. Some leaders for example, traced and tracked the wise men and women of a culture that desapeared long time ago, as those had the knowledge necessary to rebuild their own culture. So as travelers were hunted down.

The leaders of the power based empires where afraid that the cultures they pretend to destroy would come back and claim for their rights over land, property and wealth that by divine bliss they have. Human history need to be reviewed.

Maybe by the people that belong to the same traditions, culture and have a lineage and history records still with them, or by the religious circles, or by individuals that have a spiritual heritage and can find traces of this information in their cultures.

I have been traveling for about 20 years. Visited several sites, nature, culture, history sites, some known and registered, others not, i have listened to the spiritual houses of records, and as well to the organic family lineages, i have practiced meditation and sensed the locations beyond time, in the field of consciousness, interacted with the traces still alive and vivid imprinted there and to the spiritual knowledge available in the sites for the ones capable to read it, i have study their sciences, their math and the records of their cultures, written by them and by others, by those that survived, those that were conquered, those that forgot them and later built up another culture or got enslaved by the next empire.
Their nations and cultures are so valuable, but there is such a mess in terms of accuracy, veracity, information, and desinformation, that there is only one thing that can be done for learning: visit the site, learn directly from it.

Spiritual archeology is eventually the most accurate practice for archeology, review of records of cultures and history.

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