Method & Practice

Prime Archeology apply the research milestones and analysis at several parallel tracks or fields of observation :

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Religious records
  • Spiritual circles records
  • Psychic abilities ( used to trace information stored in the collective subconscious mind )
  • Language –  Prime Language
  • Consciousness ( access to the quantum and divine field of consciousness, atemporal communication and interaction with the field of study )
  • Traditional history records (Public and non public)
  • Traditional archeology and anthropology records (Public and non public)
  • Local culture costumes and traditions
  • Family Houses Records
  • Myths, Mythology, Symbology
  • Prime Yoga
  • Prime Culture Knowledge
  • Prime Technology Applied
  • Prime Peace  Practices
  • Others

The expeditions run after preliminary practices and definition of a target location to be explored; referring to the continues search for traces, clusters, and civilization, culture and technology, knowledge and field of consciousness of the Primes.

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Prime Quest, In the search of the Primes